"In Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper, Christopher David Rosales writes with rare skill and real power about a high-stakes, heart-breaking world filled with beauty and the bullet-hot barrels of guns.  This is to say that even as we travel sometimes far from the familiar with him, down streets and through neighborhoods we’ve never quite heard of, Rosales has written about our world, the only one we have, the only one we get, and he has done it with clear eyes, fine prose and courage."

~Laird Hunt, author of Neverhome, Kind One, and Indiana, Indiana

"Rosales reads like early Marquez meets Bel Canto, with a shade of noir thrown in.  A complex and satisfying story of a family stuck between revolution, the law, and crime, in which difficult moments are offered with a beautiful and satisfying lightness that makes them shimmer and resonate and remain with you for good."

~Brian Evenson, award-winning author of Last Days

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