Featuring the art of Miriam Suzanne

This is a grittier, drier ‘The Pines,’ with some of that Charlie Sheen ‘The Arrival’ mixed in, and with Christopher David Rosales firing on all eight cylinders.
— Stephen Graham Jones, Mongrels
A whirling crazy ride that brings noir into collision with the American West, alien abduction, memory loss, conspiracy theory, and general weirdness of all kinds and then throws in more than a dash of drunken romance. Odd, crazed and compelling in all the best ways.
— Brian Evenson, A Collapse of Horses

Gods On the Lam is Christopher David Rosales' second novel, forthcoming and available for pre-order at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and locally at BookBar.

Wayne, a former forest service fire-fighter, wakes up on the highway-side unsure of where he was going or who he is. It’s the 1980s, and a rash of disappearances haunt his small Northern Arizona mountain town called Show Low. The disappearances are being called abductions. Meanwhile, reformed alcoholic and dedicated mother, Ruby, has been hunting her missing son for years and believes he did not simply run away. Her search leads her to Show low. In the forest, loggers have transformed into zombie-like creatures fighting over the last of a vial of blue liquid. In Wayne’s investigations alongside Ruby, they learn one very important thing about Wayne’s past, and that vial. It’s linked to Ruby’s missing son in a way that might drive her to kill for vengeance.